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Get 8(a) Certified

We guide you through the 8(a) Program application. Simply. Are you a minority business owner, woman-owned business, or other small disadvantaged business owner looking for 8(a) certification through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program? Let our 8(a) experts and former SBA executives, owner Chuck Gaston and principal consultant Darryl Hairston, personally help you through the application process smoothly.

Advantages of the SBA 8(a) Program

You don’t have to compete for select federal government contracts.

In some instances, you can be awarded a contract for up to $4 million in goods and services, and up to $6.5 million for manufacturing. With no competition.

Think how easy this is for the procurement officer too!

You can form teams to become competitive when needed.

Join with other companies, large or small, to enhance your competitiveness for federal government contracts.

You get help.

The 8(a) Business Development Program is just that: business development. So the SBA offers you unique resources, including:

You might also be eligible for benefits like SBA-guaranteed loans or access to government surplus property.

Why Charles Gaston & Associates?

We know the system from the inside out.

How? We are retired SBA executives with experience and intimate knowledge of the 8(a) Program.

In his 29 years there, Chuck directed the two district offices with the reputation of operating the most successful 8(a) certification programs in the agency.

And our principal consultant, Darryl Hairston, has over 35 years of related experience including his overseeing the SBA’s entire 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program, including the final review and approval of all applications.

So we know what they’re looking for. And we’ll make sure you’ve got it.

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We get you what you’re after.

You want 8(a) certification. We have a proven 8(a) certification track record: 98% of our eligible clients become certified.

We tell you the real deal.

Are you really eligible for 8(a)? What are the 8(a) requirements?

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know. And yes, we’ll tell you if we think you’re not eligible too. We want you to succeed.

We make it simple.

We get it: The 8(a) application process isn’t, well, that easy. But you’re smart. You know to get the best help you can from someone who knows.

We should all do what we’re best at. You’re best at running your business. We’re best at getting minorities, women, and other disadvantaged business owners SBA certification.

We’ll make the process as straight-forward as possible so you can focus on what you do best.

We’re here for you.

We and our expertise stay by your side at every step of the 8(a) certification process. We have been there for 326 people in ten years, to be exact. That means we spend time on your case and give you our personal attention.

See for yourself what our clients say about us.

In His Own Words

One man's 8(a) story.
Ignatius Ogu, President/CEO of SupreTech, Inc., came to us after the SBA had denied his original 8(a) application. His experience:

“My initial application was denied due to technical errors but when I contacted Mr. Gaston, he was able to quickly figure out the problem.

“Do not wait until you are turned down before you seek help because doing it right the first time is the key.

“Now I am a beneficiary of his expertise. It makes sense to use someone who understands the program.”

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